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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure?
How long will i have to wait before items get delivered to me? 
Answer: We'll try our best to ship out item the soonest we can. Usually about 5 working days+- due to customisations and delivery

If mats doesn't fit? 
Answer: We would appreciate if you can drop us a message on Whatsapp so we can find out more on the misfit of mats. If the misfit is purely our error, we will be happy to replace it for you at no cost. However, if its an error on your part for wrong car year of manufactured stated, we are unable to change the mats for you free of charge. 
Which account should i transfer for my special order?
Our PayLah! Account:
POSB Savings Account Number: 228-15315-0

What's the thickness of the mats?  

Answer: Mats are approx 15mm thick. Do allow room for variation.  
How many pieces will my car mats be consist of?
Answer: The number of pieces will be subjected to workshop's professional advice. Any special request should be communicated with us before placing your order.

Will the mats move when i drive? 
Answer: Velcros or Friction pads are attached below your mats. It helps to hold the mats in place. Ultimately, it all depends on each individual's usage. 
*Please note that velcros/friction pads are only attached for the Driver only. As its meant to hold the driver piece in place as driver shift their feet from Accelerator Pedal to Brake Pedal. There's no need for Velcros to be attached for the rear piece as there won't be room for movements* 

Once order placed, is cancellation allowed? 
Answer: Please Whatsapp us immediately and check with us. If we've proceeded with the customisation of mats, we will not be able to cancel your order. We seek for your kind understanding. 

Ordered wrong mats, am i able to return it? 
Answer: Returns are strictly not allowed. 

How many free imprints logo are placed on the mats? 
Answer: Only one logo will be provided FREE, as seen in all the sample pictures above. The logo will be placed on driver piece.
Any additional logo on passenger's piece will be at +$8 each

Does the mat smell? 
Answer: Please air it for a few days before installing it in your car. The smell of the mats usually fades away within a few days. 


Terms and Conditions: 
1. Once order is confirmed, No refunds allowed due to customisation.

2.We are not liable for your mistakes upon confirmed orders. To make any amendments,
(Please whatsapp us @ 81928630 to check if we've proceeded with your order) 

4. No Exchange or Return is allowed unless its a major defect/wrong item delivered. 
(Do not hesitate to Whatsapp us @ 81928630 so that we can assist you)

Contact Us: 
For more inquiry, kindly contact us via Whatsapp @ 81928630
we will assist you from there